Ormstown Welcomes Gigzz Musique-Resto to List of Local Merchants

Ormstown Welcomes Gigzz Musique-Resto to List of Local Merchants

Christine and Kevin Bickes

Opened in October 2015 by owners Christine and Kevin Bickes, Gigzz Musique-Resto has quickly made a name for itself. The local couple, who are music enthusiasts, addressed their mutual passion for song by opening the venue.

Located at 55 Lambton Street in Ormstown, the resto serves breakfast and lunch seven days a week while offering supper on Friday evenings exclusively.

Originally from Ormstown and Hemmingford respectively, Christine and Kevin used to attend musical events at Café NamasThé, which, to the disappointment of locals, closed this past summer. (The tiny café was a popular outlet for local artists, serving up espresso while offering speciality goods.) “We wanted to open a place for the clients who were unhappy to see Café NamasThé close, as well as open a community place for musical venues. Being a musician myself, I’ve seen a lot less places for musicians to perform in the past twenty years,” said Kevin Bickes. Both Kevin and Christine work at the resto, with Christine working full-time, and Kevin splitting his hours between the new business and his own landscaping company.

The venue, which was formerly a restaurant, offers up live music to locals every Friday night—without fail. “We plan on keeping the music every Friday. We will also be planning some special events on different days, and opening our doors to other music organizations that would like to hold concerts. Basically, we are open to any musical event that needs a place to perform,” said Kevin Bickes about the restaurant’s future plans. Usually, there are no admission fees—instead, owners have decided on a “pass the hat” policy, allowing spectators to give what they can. Good friends of the couple Adrian Doucette and his wife Judy have been working alongside the Bickes’ in the opening and promoting of the restaurant—they have also been helping the Bickes’ book musicians. (Doucette formerly served as the event booker for Café NamasThé.)

With the presence of the beloved Branches and Roots Festival, the village of Ormstown has carved itself quite a musical niche, making it a central point for local artisans. The opening of Gigzz Musique-Resto has only added to that budding scene. As for how the couple feels about their new adventure? According to Kevin, they “…couldn’t be happier about this. We have met many great people in the past few years from attending music events in the Ormstown area. Our clients are, in many cases, our best friends. I couldn’t think of a more enjoyable job than encouraging the music and culture of the local area.”

As for this coming Friday? Locals can look forward to watching traditional folk duo Isabelle Cyr and Yves Marchand perform at 8:00 P.M. Contact (514) 217-1465 for more information, or to make a seat reservation for Friday evening.

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