Traditional song and dance troupe from France enchants crowds

Traditional song and dance troupe from France enchants crowds

The traditional song and dance troupe La Bourrée Montagnarde from Massif Central

The Bourée Montagnarde, a traditional folk song and dance troupe from the Massif Central region of France performed for an enthralled crowd during a visit to the Huntingdon County Farmers’ Market on July 19.

In full period dress from the 1850-1900 era, around 30 dancers and musicians playing traditional instruments including accordions, the cabrette, the hurdy-gurdy and violins, performed a selection of bourées, which are considered to be one of the oldest known dances with historical documents dating the custom back to the year 879.

 It was a big hit, says Market Coordinator Ian Ward. They played traditional instruments in costume, and even involved some of the close to 100 spectators in the show. Following the performance, those in attendance were also able to enjoy a French inspired tasting prepared by producers, which included a selection of wines and wild boar, veal and goat sausages served on sliced fresh baquette.

The market has really been picking up steam, and this week we are building momentum with Godmanchester Day, featuring few calèche rides and local sensation Lydia Sutherland, as well as activities for the kids, a series of mini-conferences coming up on honey, road sharing with agricultural vehicles, etc. says Ian Ward, of the diverse weekly schedule that guarantees market goers something new each week along with live music and the finest local products and produce available.

The market is the place to be on Wendesday afternoons he adds, noting the weekly gathering will continue into the fall from 3 pm to 7 pm. For more information, or to find out about upcoming events, check out the market website or facebook page at

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