Toddlers and Food: The Best Laid Plans

Toddlers and Food: The Best Laid Plans

Meal planning.

Before I had children, I had all of these plans revolving around how I was going to nourish them. Everything would be as organic as our bank account would allow, and I’d steer them away (within reason) from processed food and sugar.

Also, everything would be home-cooked—no frozen chicken nuggets for me. I’d observe other parents with their chocolate cake and French fries and think, my kids will never eat that stuff. I was such an idiot.

My son just finished lunch, and while my infant daughter thoroughly enjoyed the homemade minestrone soup and boiled broccoli I made, my toddler son would only eat half a banana, a cup of milk, a bite of a chicken nugget (which he promptly chewed up and spit out) and something that may be identified as a “fruit strip.”

He’s obviously eating enough, but as most parents will tell you, there’s not much reasoning that can be done with a two-year-old, especially in regards to what they choose to eat. Now I’m on to meal planning in the hopes of inspiring my son’s taste buds—while also trying to hold on to my sense of reason. Wish me luck.

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