The entire Haut-Saint-Laurent connected to high speed internet

The entire Haut-Saint-Laurent connected to high speed internet

MNA for Huntingdon and Minister for Small and Medium Enterprises, Stéphane Billette, announced that some 1 200 new homes will have access to high speed internet services in the Haut-Saint-Laurent MRC.

Crédit photo : Journal Saint-François - Denis Bourbonnais

Over 1 200 homes in the Haut-Saint-Laurent MRC will have access to high speed internet services thanks to an investment of some $5.95 million dollars.
Under the auspices of the “Québec branché” program, the Quebec and Federal Governments will provide $2.4 million each for this project which was proposed by “TARGO Communications”. New installations will establish points of presence for high speed internet access in 14 communities around the Haut-Saint-Laurent, including the 13 municipalities that are not already serviced by the latest technology.
Altogether, 35 communities and 2 096 homes in the greater Haut-Saint-Laurent Territory are affected by this announcement made from the head office of the MRC by Stéphane Billette, Huntingdon MNA and Minister for Small and Medium Enterprises, Regulatory Streamlining and Regional Economic Development.
“The Québec branché program is an initiative intended to meet the growing need for high speed internet services in rural communities,” stated Billette in the presence of the MRC mayors and some 50 guests gathered for a meeting at 10 King St. in Huntingdon.

MNA Stéphane Billette accompanied by Louise Lebrun, Prefect for the Haut-Saint-Laurent MRC and municipalities representatives announced investments totaling $5.95 million. (Crédit photo : Denis Bourbonnais)

“This announcement represents an important milestone for connecting communities in the MRC. The investment will contribute to the attractiveness of the region and its potential to retain families and businesses. I would like to applaud the commitment of regional players working for our common prosperity,” added the MNA for Huntingdon.
Spokesperson for “TARGO Communications”, Louis-Paul Bourdon, indicated that a large part of the work connecting the fibre optic network will be completed within two years. The entire territory should be covered by 2021.
“What we will install, is a highway that will allow other Internet providers to join the network. Other players will be able to set up in new sectors serviced by high speed internet,” explained the founding president of the company, which is injecting $1.1 million into the project.
Louise Lebrun, Mayor of Sainte-Barbe and Prefect for the Haut-Saint-Laurent MRC, emphasized that the region will be able to bolster its development in a technological environment. Mayor Lebrun praised Stéphane Billette for his contribution to providing essential tools to citizens and businesses in the region. “Thank you to our MNA, Minister and Ironman,” she said, in reference to a triathlon recently completed by Billette.

Translated by Cathleen Johnston

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