Second volume of local life stories now available

Par Mario Pitre
Second volume of local life stories now available
Participants featured in the second edition of the Tranche de vie/Life in Vignettes book were on hand for the launch on October 6 as part of the Salon des Aînés du Haut-Saint-Laurent in Ormstown. (Photo : Maryse Leblanc)

It’s no secret that life growing up in the Valley has always been interesting. Now, for a second time, Valley seniors have partnered with filmmaker and photographer Lianne Finnie to produce a book detailing their life stories with the follow-up to Tranche de vie/Life in Vignettes. The second volume of stories was launched during the Salon des Aînés du Haut-Saint-Laurent on October 6, at CVR in Ormstown.
First initiated by En Bonne Compagnie dans le Haut-Saint-Laurent as part of its “Let’s Vis-it Our Seniors Program,” the project was envisioned as a partnership with the Maison des Jeunes. With Lianne Finnie on board as coordinator, the project was hailed as a success with the launch of a first book of stories in 2016. For the second edition, Finnie was no longer with the Maison des Jeunes, but her attachment to the project led to her taking it on as an independent worker.
The second volume includes 48 pages with stories touching on subjects ranging from from family dynamics to career paths, farming, falling in love, history and wild adventures. A number of the 22 participants shared stories of their youth, says Finnie, who suggests she was surprised by how often the stories would intertwine with one another.
Other shared themes between stories revolved around the significance of music in their homes, of family members playing the piano while others did the dishes, of dancing to the fiddle all night and of family gatherings. “It amazed me,” she says. ”Not only because their experiences were fairly similar, but because it indicated a landmark in time; they had experiences new generations simply can’t have due to evolution.”
A reminder to make time
For Finnie, the process of doing the interviews for the book as well as the beautiful visuals that accompany each story, represented a fascinating way to preserve these stories. “It adds meaning to their experiences and validates an otherwise forgotten part of their lives,” she says. The book is also a wonderful reflection of Valley life and our local culture.
En Bonne Compagnie dans le Haut-Saint-Laurent, and specifically the “Let’s Visit Our Seniors Program” works to end the isolation experienced by so many area seniors while also drawing attention to the issues around elder abuse.
The Tranches de vie/Life in Vignettes project serves as a poignant reminder to spend time with the seniors in our lives. “It’s a shame more seniors don’t have this chance to share because I learned so much from each participant. I left every interview with a smile on my face, grateful for the opportunity.”
Both volumes are now available for purchase for $25 per copy with all funds going directly to-ward supporting friendly at-home visits with Valley seniors. For more information on the project or with regard to purchasing a book, please contact Anyze Goyette at 450-829-2321 ext. 1325, or email

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