Parc Safari: New attractions and animals for 2017

Parc Safari: New attractions and animals for 2017

Parc Safari opens for the summer on May 19th with several new attractions and animals

The team at Parc Safari has been working hard during the off season to ensure a number of new attractions and animals will be ready for guests in time for opening weekend on May 19.

This summer, the Hemmingford-based zoo will celebrate the inauguration of the Nishati recreational sector. Nishati means energy in Swahili, and this new sector is expected to live up to its name with inflatable games, climbing wall, adventure trail, the Mission Safari maze, a giant slide and carnival games. Last year, this section of the park was accessible at additional cost, however this season access for guests will be included as part of their general admission. The name for the new sector was chosen as part of an online contest, with the winning name chosen in April.

This season, the renowned African troupe Kalabanté Productions will be featured at the park, with outstanding acrobatic performances highlighting traditional African dance and music on weekends between May 20th through June 23rd and every day from June 24th to September 4th.

Also new for the upcoming season, a collaboration with Little Ray’s Reptile Zoo in Ottawa will see at least twenty reptile and amphibian species on display. The popular theme weekends from last year will once again be taking place throughout the summer, and, just in time for the return of the summer heat, the water park has been renovated.

New animals

In February, Parc Safari welcomed the arrival of four adolescent white lions as part of a collaboration with the Toronto Zoo to ensure the ongoing protection of the species as there are now fewer than 300 white lions remaining in the world. The brothers, Gus, Hank, Olivier and Harrison, are sure to be the stars of the lion tunnel this summer.

The zoo will also feature several new animal species this summer, with the arrival of Tanuk, the Malayan tapir, who can be found along the Odulvai Walkway. He is the only animal of his kind in Quebec, as the species is extremely rare with only around 2000 remaining in the world.

Three takins, Bamboo, Gansu and Panda, have also joined the Parc Safari family. The national animal of Bhutan, takins are native to the eastern Himalayas but can be found this summer in the Safari Adventure.

Visitors will also now be able to see one of the more majestic animals native to Canada with the arrival of Ember the lynx and her two daughters, Emma and Émeraude to the Olduvai Walkway.

Finally, fans of the Lion King will be pleased to find three new warthogs, named Zuma, Pétunia and Winnie, walking among the other species in the Safari Adventure.

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