Life With Dogs Is (mostly) Easier in the Country

Life With Dogs Is (mostly) Easier in the Country

Spotted: A new walking trail to La Petite Boulangerie d'Elgin.

When I moved to the Valley four years ago from Montreal, I was happy not to have to walk my dog multiple times a day to do his business.

I was very happy about it in January when I simply opened my kitchen door, warm coffee in hand, and let him out into the yard. Many parks in Outremont where we’d lived didn’t even allow dogs on leash, which was especially inconvenient. Overall, life with a dog is much easier in the country where kids, dogs, and chickens tend to roam at large.

Which brings me to the one small thing I didn’t anticipate about rural living with my Westie-mutt. He’s got a thing for chickens. He hasn’t managed to kill one yet, just ruffled many feathers as all 17 pounds of him has ransacked coops and broken leashes. I’ve provided full-belly laughs for onlookers while chasing him psychotically. Perhaps even more laughs than the time I mistook Burdock Root for Rhubarb. This former city girl still has a few things to learn.

On a spring walk with my unruly pup last week, I was happy to make another new Valley discovery—a trail open to the public at La Petite Boulangerie d’Elgin! Fair weather patrons can now park on the 3rd Concession and hike in for lunch. Dogs permitted on leash.

See: bakery hours.

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