February weather

February weather

Ormstown had two record warm days on February 23 and 25 with plus 17, which tied the temperature set in Toronto on that date, and plus 13.

The average for the month was minus 3.3 compared to minus 6.5 last year and the ten year normal of minus 8.0 degrees. We were not able to set a new record for the month with 1981 taking that honor with minus 0.4 followed by 1974 with minus 1.8 and finally 2017 coming in third.

The swings in temperature provided a chance for Quebec maple producers to make some good quality early syrup, but was problematic for outdoor skating rinks such as the Ottawa winterlude on the Rideau Canal.

The coldest February in 50 years was minus 15.8 in 2015, followed closely with minus 15.3 in 1993. The ice on the Chateauguay River went out on February 25, which is one month ahead or normal.

Again, we did not set a record with the prize going to 2008 on January 10, followed by 2006 on February 5, then 2017 and the record warm month of 1981 having break up on the 26th. However, we are still in the running for a record warm winter (Nov., Dec., Jan. Feb., March) but March will be the deciding factor. The arrival of March coming in like “a lamb” could be a bad omen for the conclusion of the month.

Precipitation was slightly above normal made up of 52 mms. of rain and 59 cms. of snow, which melted to an additional 44 mms. of water.

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