Farmwork, Instagram and Idealism

Farmwork, Instagram and Idealism

Failing at “Pretty Farmwork Part One”.

If I’m being honest, I only discovered Instagram last year. As an avid fan of Pinterest, I was taken with the imagery—but I wondered why everybody’s houses were so neat. I’m a tidy person (ask anyone) but how is there nothing on the counters in these photos? Do they hide everything and then tell their children to look immersed in said activity?

I look at my own kids, and I’m like, what is all over your face? Just red marker, mom, some dog hair, and dried up milk, for good measure. Just ignore us and go back to writing your novel about mermaids and try not to be concerned that everything is out of control. All of my impromptu photos would simply make it look like our family has random Papier-Maché parties all the time. Unsuccessful ones.

So I gave up trying to take nice pictures of the kids (being super private, I don’t love posting photos of the kids online anyway), and have decided to focus on the farm that we’re building, ever so slowly. I’m going to try and take photos of the farm and see how that goes. Of course, quite a bit of poop will make its way into these photos, but since it’s not human poop, I really don’t think anyone will notice.

Photo One: Later today, I’m going to run outside and help my sister-in-law stuff about ten laying hens into empty diaper boxes so that she can add to her flock (she has somehow, without meaning to, initiated a sort of retirement home for elderly laying hens). I still have four roosters, so the unloading of some of my hens while they adjust to being cooped up inside for the winter might be a bit of a problem. And on that note, does anybody want a Silkie Rooster? I have two and they are very friendly—they don’t even fight with each other. Please help!!

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