Durham County Poets Recognized by Pulse Music with Nomination

Durham County Poets Recognized by Pulse Music with Nomination

The Durham County Poets.

Together since 2011, the Durham County Poets are an incredibly talented group of songwriters hailing from Southwest Quebec’s Chateauguay Valley. While one might describe them as a blues band, they are known to incorporate a little swing and gospel influence into their music for good measure.

Fronted by Dewittville’s Kevin Harvey (lead vocals and harmonica), the band features David Whyte (electric and acoustic guitars), Neil Elsmore (acoustic guitar), Carl Rufh (double bass) and James Preimel (percussion). Recently, Pulse Music, a site dedicated to drawing attention to the best local live music in major cities across the United States, nominated the band for an Audience Choice Award: New York.
 Described by Acoustic Live! in New York City & Beyond’s Richard Cuccaro as “…bluesy country-folk with a lot of verve,”  the band, which names Dire Straits and James Taylor amongst its influences, has launched two records to date: Where The River Flows (2011) and Chikkaboodah Stew (2014). The latter was launched at Huntingdon’s very own artistic hub, Grove Hall. “I have always loved blues music and gospel. And even some of the old standards. Mostly the roots music genres. But I also get inspired by all the hard-working musicians out here today, the ones writing great songs and putting there whole heart and soul into it,” said Harvey about why he is a musician. While the band has a growing fan base in the United States, they still try to perform locally when they can. They are still a staple of Ormstown’s Branches and Roots organization, which promotes live, local music throughout the year.

For more information on the Durham County Poets, visit www.durhamcountypoets.com or like them on Facebook.

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