CVR Grad 2017

CVR Grad 2017
CRV’s 2017 graduating class.

On Saturday June 17th, parents, teachers, friends, and community leaders gathered to celebrate Chateauguay Valley Regional High School’s 2017 graduating class.

This year commemorates the highly regarded secondary school’s 50th anniversary of providing exemplary education to the Haut-Saint-Laurent region. This also marks the 32nd year of the CVR Educational Foundation, which recognizes and rewards the academic achievements of CVR graduates and helps facilitate their pursuit of higher education. Throughout the ceremony, many students were recognized to great applause for their accomplishments as the community helped propel the graduates towards their future journeys.

Principal Brigitte Barrette wished the graduates well in her uplifting address. She counseled them with the wisdom that each one has inherited different talents to put to use and make the world a better place, and advised that it will be their hard work going forward that separates them from the crowd. She encouraged the exceedingly creative group to follow their unique passions. Principal Barrette also reflected that the school’s reputation has reached new summits and thanked the many dedicated staff and parents who contribute to the high standard of excellence in their learning community.

Valedictorian Hoang-Oanh Nguyen drew laughs from the crowd in her humorous and reflective speech. She encouraged her classmates to eschew the graduation clichés, and to live in the here and now of their very own special moment. She also touted the importance of finding balance between hard work, cultivating ones hobbies, and building strong human connections. Hoang-Oanh Nguyen entertained the crowd and encouraged her classmates onward with the words of support: “Let us not let the world change us, let us change the world!”

Pastor Randy Barrington concluded the ceremony with a benediction as the community wished the 2017 class well on their way with hugs, photos, flowers and more than a few proud tears.

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