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"A Majestic Christmas" comes to Ormstown

le jeudi 13 septembre 2018
Modifié à 10 h 00 min le 13 septembre 2018
Par Mario Pitre

Emily Southwood - A made-for-TV Christmas movie will be filmed in Ormstown this September that will see Lambton Street briefly transformed into a Christmas wonderland. The shoot will take place over three days in the latter half of September; local extras and production assistants are currently in demand. The production is also hoping for cooler weather, “We’re bringing in many tons of crushed ice so we’re hoping it’s not 30 degrees and humid, but the setting of Ormstown is the ideal picturesque town,” says local producer Rob Vroom. Ormstown residents can expect to see shop fronts prematurely decorated in holiday regalia in the fictional setting of Briar Falls, where the iconic Majestic Theater is in danger of being torn down and redeveloped as a modern movie complex. In this holiday tale, lead character Nell Porter will try to convince the new owner to allow the annual Christmas pageant to still happen, meanwhile risking her career as she falls in love with him. This TV movie is one of a number of productions to film within the Haut Saint Laurent recently, a trend the town of Ormstown welcomes. For those interested in contacting the production for roles as extras or production assistants see below contact information. Email for extras: Email for Production Assistants: