“It’s amazing all the love I’ve received.” – Lydia Sutherland

“It’s amazing all the love I’ve received.” – Lydia Sutherland

Lydia Sutherland est heureuse de son parcours à La Voix.

Crédit photo : OSA images and TVA

Fourth time must be lucky for Lydia Sutherland. Authentic and straight forward, the singer/songwriter from Godmanchester was chosen at La Voix.
In front of four coaches who were all ears, Lydia Sutherland sang Prière, from Les Sœurs Boulay on Sunday March 4. Lara Fabian and Alex Nevsky fell in love with the young artist accompanying herself on the piano.
“This is the fourth time I have participated in the auditions, but the first time making it to the blind auditions,” she says. “I went in there with a simple song. I sang the truth, it’s who I am.”
The piece she chose for her audition says a lot about her. A highly emotional song, whose words, when listened to closely, will have universal appeal.
Less than two days after the wave of love on social media, the artist says she is still overwhelmed to see herself on television. She feels lucky to have been part of this project for a wider audience among talented artists.
“It’s a great platform for getting to know the Quebec public,” she says. “It’s wonderful to meet people who share my passion and a similar journey.”
At l’école Nevsky
It was a wrenching choice, but the artist opted for Alex Nevsky. “He is so positive and brilliant,” emphasizes Lydia Sutherland. “He has his own style and personality. I think I’ll have a lot to learn from him.”
The singer would like her coach to take her out of her comfort zone with songs that will further enhance her voice. Often seated at the piano, she would also like to develop a new stage presence.
To work
For now, Lydia Sutherland is quietly coming back to earth. While procedures for La Voix may be well underway, she certainly is not standing by idly. On the strength of her EP album, La beauté de nous, launched last fall, the singer/songwriter is already back in the studio. She is focusing on an album and she would like to have a song from it placed on the radio. The artist is also working with La Voix participants and other artists on various recordings. Every Sunday, she plans to post a rerun on Facebook via – La Voix – Lydia Sutherland.

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