A series of burglaries in the Haut-Saint-Laurent

A series of burglaries in the Haut-Saint-Laurent

Cash was stolen from a number of homes targeted by thieves over a period of less than a week in the Haut-Saint-Laurent region.

A rash of break-ins occurred in the Haut-Saint-Laurent Sûreté du Québec territory and everything suggests that the crimes were committed by the same perpetrators.

A similar modus operandi has been noted for the thefts which were carried out mainly in Saint-Anicet and Sainte-Barbe. The intruders gain entry through a door of the house and search the house grabbing any article on hand. Cash, jewellery, lottery tickets, medications, tools, guns, cameras, DVD players are among the items stolen by these thieves.

The burglaries took place over a period of less than a week and the first one was at a private home on Route 132 in Saint-Anicet. The suspects forced the door to the basement which gave them access to the house and stole money and jewellery.

On montée Seigneuriale in Sainte-Barbe, they gained entry to the house through the garage door and seized lottery tickets, medication and jewellery worth a total of $500.

On 146th avenue in Saint-Anicet, the intruders forced their way through the main door of the house and stole tools and fishing gear worth an estimated $500. Fingerprints were taken by detectives with the Sûreté du Québec and were sent to the Centre d’identité judiciaire de Montréal.

On montée Cooper in Saint-Anicet, the thieves entered by a side door that was unlocked and stole money, jewellery and lottery tickets from the house. The suspects left footprints in the snow when they fled with over $500 worth of goods.

A theft was reported on route 201 in Ormstown where the suspects broke down the back door of a residence and stole jewellery, money, a camera and DVD player. The value of the stolen goods was approximately $1600  and the intruders caused some $350 in damages.

Footprints were found leaving a wooded area near a residence on route 132 in Saint-Anicet where the suspects forced a door and stole a number of firearms, some jewellery and money.

The largest theft was committed at a home on route 138 in Godmanchester where the thieves entered by a side door and took some foreign money  (200 Euros, 200 Pesos), an Apple laptop and jewellery. The loss amounts to $4500  and $500 in damages.

An investigation is ongoing and the police appear to have preliminary leads which  should enable them to track down the perpetrators of these robberies.

Translated by Cathleen Johnston

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